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Rogue wave, the myth turned out to be a reality. The huge waves, which the sailors told in horror, really exist! How do huge waves appear? why such monstrous waves are born? Rogue wave ( freak wave ) are one of the most poorly understood and frightening phenomena of nature What is the cause of the appearance of waves of monsters (wandering waves)?

Rogue wave, the myth turned out to be a reality.
The huge waves, which the sailors told in horror, really exist!
How do huge waves appear?
why such monstrous waves are born?

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Rogue wave ( freak wave ) are one of the most poorly understood and frightening phenomena of nature
What is the cause of the appearance of waves of monsters (wandering waves)?
  These terrible waves, which appear both during a storm and during serenity

  Such waves emerge from out of nowhere, like ghosts, a huge wave wall,
  grows up in front of the ship,
  and falls with all his strength on the victims caught in the ocean,
  It's doubly unlucky for that crew of sailors,
  Whose ship is not going nose to the wave,
  a sudden blow to the side board the vessel,
  overturns the ship,
  where the opposite side of the ship, lies on the water or more
  immersed in water,
  the captain cabin and other superstructures
  ship, they collect water and this happens for some seconds,
  Rogue wave does not parse who in front of her
  A huge liner, dry cargo ship or tanker,
  Large ships taking off to the crest of the wave,
  may not withstand its own weight, and broke in half,
  and Small boats, flying up the crest of a huge wave,
  it is possible simply to capsize down into the abyss of the ocean,
  when the wave will be especially vertical wall,
  The ship simply does not have the length to overcome the wave.
  In the video file, it is presumably shown how such waves gain energy.
  Scientists suggest that such waves are formed when the energy of
  one wave is superimposed on another wave, the coincidence of
  two waves, increases the height and velocity of the wave,
  The nature of creating such waves is diverse, it can be two
  folding waves in one direction, where one wave catches up with another,
  or vice versa when two waves collide with each other, after which
  generate a huge wave,
  double coincidence of waves in amplitude, is not such a rare phenomenon,
  but if the waves overlap one another more than two times,
  for example, four times, which is extremely rare, but nonetheless,
  then truly gigantic and terrible waves can arise.
  Fourfold excess of the norm, the phenomenon is very rare
  on 300 thousand normal storm waves in height of 5-12 meters,
  perhaps there is one deadly monster from 20 to 35 meters,
  maybe there are higher waves,
  But such a monster will not leave witnesses alive, so if eyewitnesses even
  will see a 50 meter wave.
  then this will be the last moment of the life of the perishing seamen
  including for their cameras and video cameras, so these
  We are unlikely to see witnesses' soon.
  But the real wave, the photo was made in the 1940s of the last
  century, from a merchant ship. In the Bay of Biscay, near France.
  There is also the assumption that such huge waves can
  arise as a result of reduced atmospheric pressure
  (a frequent occurrence in front of Typhoons, severe storms in the Pacific Ocean)
  resulting in the formation of elevations in the ocean that can
  reach several meters or even tens of meters,
  under the influence of energy, these gently sloping elevations
  become huge waves with steep ridges, these waves gain strength and speed.
  In addition to collision of the front of high atmospheric pressure
  with the zone of low pressure.
  Some scientists associate the appearance of rogue wave with a thunderstorm.
  The upper layer of water is saturated with oxygen,
  accumulating a positive electric potential,
  but at a depth where methane is contained,
  oxides of iron and other, the charge accumulates negative.
  The difference leads to the movement of large masses of water,
  which are pushed out to the surface.
  For a long time, scientists denied the existence of such waves,
  In 1840, during his expedition, the French navigator
  Dumont d'Urville (1792-1842) observed a giant 35-meter wave,
  He said this at a meeting of the French Geographical Society.
  But they did not believe him. and everyone laughed at him.
  none of the learned men believed that such monsters could exist.
  The stories some sailors, they also considered exaggerated fears.
  And so it went on for centuries, official science denied
  the reality of the huge waves-Rogue wave.
  But on January 1, 1995, on the oil platform "Dropner" in the North
  Sea off the coast of Norway, a video camera and laser radar,
  accurately recorded the height of the water "mountain" at 25.6 meters.
  The damaged platform survived, and scientists received irrefutable
  data on the existence monster Rogue wave.
  Under the pressure of transnational shipping companies, the European
  Union in 2000 undertook the development of a project on in-depth study of "superwaves".
  In the future, space satellites were used for research.
  And for three weeks it was recorded 25 more giant waves.
  In theory, such waves can reach even 60 meters.
  Here is an example in the photo, below, let and a small wave,
  that such waves may not be associated with a storm at all,
  nor with the wind at all,
  their nature can be associated with a separate impulse of energy.
  they come from out of nowhere, and quite unexpectedly.
  Photo of the wave made at the cape Olga
  (south of the Kronotsky Peninsula, Kamchatka) by V. Sokolovsky in June 2006.
  Here is another example killer waves, extreme waves
  Monster waves, episodic waves, unlike the stormy ordinary waves,
  do not go wide front,
  their length rarely exceeds 1 kilometer.
  on the edges of the height of a wave decreases,
  all the shock power in the center of the wave,
  where the wave reaches its maximum height,
  from the side such waves appear as separate hill in the ocean.
  Their speed are surprisingly terrible,..
  therefore, the sailors will not have time to direct the ship nose to the wave,
  they can only watch this real nightmare,
  which moves in their direction,
  Perhaps they have time to say only a few words, abuse or prayer
  those who are at this moment on the open deck,
  do not even have time to dive into the hatch ..
  nothing the captain of the ship will not have time to do, only to pray to God,
  that the metal of the ship withstood the impact of such a monstrous wave.
  Here is a certified fact, the meeting of the vessel with such a monster
  relatively recently in 2012.
  A giant Rogue wave struck a merchant ship off the coast of Canada
  February 7, 2012. "Dray Beam", 186-meter dry cargo ship,
  is at anchor in Ogden Point in Victoria.
  Massive vertical beams on its deck are bent like a wire,
  and the load of logs is shifted by the impact of a wandering Rogue wave
  in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean.
  The vessel was going from Washington State to Japan on Thursday night and
  was about 480 km from the northern tip of the island of Vancouver.
  Suddenly, a wandering wave struck the left side,
  having displaced cargo to the starboard side.
  Some of the cargo was lost
  due to the restrictive bent beams.
  None of the 23 team members were injured,
  But the captain was forced to send an SOS signal,
  and send the ship at a slow speed to the port of Victoria,
  where they arrived on Sunday.
  According to Jostein Hoddevik,
  Chief Inspector of the IMS Maritime Service in Barnaby,
  the wave was up to 15 meters high,
  and the crew could not do anything to avoid a collision.
  The incident occurred in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean,
  known for its harsh character.
  The ship turned out to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, says Hoddevik.
  Commercial vessels are damaged by such waves once or twice a year
  off the west coast of Canada.
  Sometimes the damage is insignificant and allows you to continue the path,
  in other cases it is necessary to go to the nearest port for repair.
  The cargo ship "Dry Bim" will need serious repairs,
  before it can go to sea.
  We can say that this dry cargo ship paid a small tribute
  for deadly wave and remained alive,
  And the wave was not so critical for a powerful ship.

  And now imagine what it was like to the sailors in the Middle Ages or
  antique time on the fragile wooden boats?
  The sailors simply disappeared instantly in the sea depths.
  In the photo, Aivazovsky's painting is the Ninth Wave.

  In April 1966, the transatlantic liner "Michelangelo" was hit by a wave of a killer.
  To a greater or lesser extent, more than 50 people were affected,
  two people were washed overboard by a huge wave.

  1979 near South Africa
  The Sinkler heavy tanker was tearing the surface of the ocean off the coast of South Africa.
  The team unhurriedly fastened loads on the deck:
  In a few hours, according to forecasts of the weather forecasters, the ship was to enter the storm zone.
  Suddenly the deck crews froze in horror.
  With complete absence of wind,
  on the tanker was approaching from a huge speed a monstrous wave high with a ten-story house.
  It was too late to run.
  People grabbing for anything.
  The mass of water hit the deck.
  A powerful tanker swirled around like a sliver in a whirlpool.
  When the wave subsided, some sailors were missing,
  many were wounded ..
  The story with the tanker "Sinclair", which left, fortunately,
  a large number of eyewitnesses of a mysterious phenomenon.
  This led many scientists to reconsider the frivolous attitude to sea horror stories.
  However, even then the researchers claimed,
  that even if such waves arise,
  then it happens no more often than once in 10 thousand years.
  Seriously for studying the incomprehensible phenomenon, scientists
  undertook only after the English dry cargo ship Derbyshire
  drowned off the coast of Japan in 1980.
  Numerous inspections have established that a vessel with a length of almost 300 meters
  ruined a giant wave,
  which broke through the main cargo hatch and filled the hold.,
  44 people died.
  In the same year in the area of the south-eastern coast of Africa,
  with a killer wave collided oil tanker "Esso Languedoc."
  Assistant captain, Philippe Lizhura managed to do this PHOTO
  all the power of the water shaft, which has risen no less than 30 meters.
  The tanker was lucky: he stayed afloat.
  In 1995, victims of the wave-killer became the British cruise ship "Queen Elizabeth II"
  The captain of the liner, who by lucky chance received minor
  damage, very accurately described a terrible encounter:
  "At some point, it seemed to me,
  that there was a monstrous navigational error,
  and we will now crash into a thirty-meter chalk cliff.
  But after a moment the "rock", turning into a giant wave, collapsed
  the whole weight of water collapsed onto the deck,.
  Finally to the study of the giant waves came close.
  Usually, the killer wave is described as a rapidly approaching water wall of enormous height.
  Before the wave, a dent moves.
  with a depth of several meters it is a hole in the sea.
  The height of a wave is usually indicated precisely as the distance from the higher
  The points of the crest to the lowest point of the depression.
  In appearance, the waves-killers are divided
  on three main types: "white wall", "three sisters", "single tower".
  In addition, the killer waves are scattered and not scattered.
  The latter are capable of doing a fairly long journey by sea:
  from six to ten miles.
  If the ship notices a wave from a distance, you can make some arrangements.
  Recent statements by young scientists have stunned many
  the killer wave of appears much more often than you think
  The simplest estimate gives us such a figure: one wave from 3
  thousand should be killer wave
  That is, it should occur every 8-9 hours.
  This is a rough estimate.
  When began to conduct systemic observations,
  it became clear that the killer waves are more frequent than predicted
  statistics ", - said the young woman scientist Didenkulova.
  According to experts, over the last two decades, at least 200 ships
  have become victims of the killer waves.
  Among them there are 22 huge "unsinkable" supertankers.
  More than 600 people drowned.
  One of the official recorded records of the highest wave of the killer is 34 meters!
  1933, the Pacific Ocean.
  US Navy Ramalo, military ship 146 meters long, hit the storm
  on the way from the Philippines to San Diego.
  For seven days the wind was continuously blowing at a speed of sixty knots
  (eleven points), lifting 15-meter waves.
  And on the morning of February 7, a real monster came to the ship behind: this monster at first threw the ship into a deep hollow,
  and after that Rogue wave lifted the stern
  to the wall of foaming water.
  The duty officer made a triangulation survey of the wave along the ridge:
  it was 34 meters!
  This is a record high wave,
  the measurement of which can be considered accurately documented

  And the last note of note
  In the video, modern times,
  a warship, a frigate collides with a large storm wave,
  this is not a killer wave,
  it's just an ordinary big wave of a 10-12 storm
  the wave of the killer is two to three times more than this wave!

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